Monday, June 6, 2011

Open burning...

Is open burning harmless? Is open burning a smart choice to dispose/vanish rubbish?
Why is it that, there are some people (especially those Bumi) always performing open burning?
Don't they know that they are polluting the air? The air does not belong to me nor them, the air is ours, is for all the living organism!
Or maybe they are very kind for plants? By generating CO2 for the trees to perform their job, photosynthesis?
Here are some photos i took today.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Be a smart consumer~

hey, everyone, long time din see me leh..

ok, tis time i wan to talk about COMSUMER issue.

today, i went to hypermarket TE.
TE got promotion.
-3 packs of noodles for oni rm8 (normal price is rm3.45 per pack)
-2 cans of cambelle soup oni rm6 (normal price is rm3.55 per can)

i bought both of the items above.

after i pay the bills, i found that, there wasn't any discount for the items above.

then i went to the so call "customer service center" to ask back the money that i paid extra.

the stuff there, keep on say tat those items were not activated yet. (today is 3rd of July, the promotion start from 2nd to 15th of July, and it was stated in the promotion booklet)

i argue wif her, but she stil dun wan to return the money tat i paid extra.

then i say something like tis:
"i m consumer, and this promotion booklet is stated start from 2nd of July to 15th of July, i should get these items for the promotion price."

she keep on tel me those items were not activated yet, and they already e-mail to HQ about this problem.
then i say again:
"i dun wan to listen to YOUR problem, i jus wan to noe whether i can get back the money tat i paid extra?"

then she go n ask her manager, and finally, she back with the answer "yes"

So, frens, make sure u noe your consumer's right.
and be a smart consumer, not being cheated by those hypermarket stated above~

enjoy ur life~

Friday, May 15, 2009

roadshow promoter

Today i went to mid valley wif my coursemate.
my friend forced by a roadshow promoter to register a fix-line.
wan to know where is the place my friend being forced?
it is on the way from KTM mid valley station to mid valley building.
my fren told tat promoter she is rushing, but tat promoter keep on follow her and force her to sign up and thus pay rm50 for deposite.
my fren say dun hv enuf money, tat promoter say wan folo her go atm machine to withdraw money.
then my fren say giv them rm20 for deposite, the promoter oso accept it.
after i meet my fren in mid valley, she told me that, and i go to the roadshow, and ask the promoter to refund rm20, and cancel the registration.
tat small promoter say cannot refund, and wanna get mad.
so i ask to see their supervisor.
the supervisor oso not very friendly, but finally with my experience, the supervisor ask the promoter to refund.
then i take back the rm20 and registration form before i go.

so, here is a reminder, NOT TO ENTERTAIN THOSE ROADSHOW PROMOTER unless you rili need them.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

finally final...

Hahaa, long time din update blog liao.
Now i m in UTAR library.
Miss my blog izit?
haha, then now i update lo.
hapi ma?

i jus finish my exam, my last paper of Year 1 Semester 2.
haha, happy. tat paper is functional biology.
this paper ends at 11am, but i leave the exam room 1 hour earlier.
because i finish my paper early lo, so simple oni.

tonight, my house will have a potlak session.
hehe, this potlak session is open to all Chemistry Year 1 Semester 2 friends.

then tomorrow there is a trip to bukit merah with my classmate.
hope wil enjoy there.

oh ya, 4gt to say, 14.5.09 i wil back to kl o.
apo, jenny, we go pasar malam ya.
long time din go liao.
miss the pasar malam.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

my room @ 105~

Hello, long time i din come to blogger liao...
i noe u all will miss me de, izit?
here is my room's photo taken on 15.2.2009

my table... full of 'rubbish'

my personal book rack

periodic table
*in malay version*

*i m using windows vista*

small rack...
*wad is it's name?*

my bed
*the tilam's name is "cantik foam"*

my wardrobe + towel rack

***my breakfast today***
half-boiled eggs

P/s: jenny, cclia, yuen si, here are some photo that for u all.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

cny @ 105 kampar perdana

CNY deco @ 105 kampar perdana

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Ello everybody~
i m here to tel u all a joke.

"Pada zaman logam, peralatan logam yang diguna oleh manusia adalah diperbuat daripada logam."

can get it?

My pengajian Malaysia lecturer told me tat.
life without streamyx is difficult.
cant do report, cant do assignment, and cant chat.
feel like terasing dari dunia luaran.
cmc cant survive without streamyx...

here is an announcement from cmc:
i wil back to selayang on 23.1.09 (friday)
so, jenny, yuen si and suntik, pls have a party for me.